offers a bespoke compliance consultancy service in Guernsey, based on regulatory experience.

We will ensure that a Licensee’s compliance environment serves to protect its own business and as a consequence can stand up to regulatory scrutiny with confidence.


My name is Rob Brown and I have over 30 years’ experience working in the finance industry in Guernsey.

I have spent the last 18 months in the role of Deputy Head of Offshore Compliance for one of Guernsey’s longest established Banks.

Prior to this I spent over 10 years with the Investment and Financial Crime Divisions of the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment.


My experience at the Commission and more recently in the commercial sector puts me in a perfect position to evaluate the balance between firms’ commercial imperatives and the ever changing control environment demanded by the regulator.

During my time at the Commission, I was instrumental in arranging and leading numerous on-site visits to Licensees and ensuring prompt feedback on such visits.

My new position enables me to draw on that experience with the freedom to provide guidance to the Licensee in a clear, easy to understand and collaborative way.


My approach to consultancy is heavily influenced by my career at the Commission. I have no hesitation to align my services and philosophy with the statement made in the Guidance issued by the Commission in February 2016. “Judgement based, outcome focused”.

My clients will receive a clear, easy to understand assessment of regulatory requirements delivered in plain English. I pride myself in a collaborative style which promotes a solid platform on which to build a strong, secure compliance environment.

I bring the culture of the Commission and the self-evident proposition that core compliance principles are universal.

Business should never be entirely risk free, however in today’s commercial environment it is more important than ever to ensure that risks are identified and understood.

Primarily for the welfare of the licensee and not simply as a way to placate the regulator.



High level review of compliance with Regulations. Identifying weaknesses and instigating a remediation plan. This may involve an independent review of policies, procedures and controls, the outcome of which is optimum efficiency for the Licensee.


Isolating specific areas of compliance and conducting a focussed review as selected. Examples include KYC policies and procedures, Business Risk Assessment, Regular risk based client reviews, Corporate Governance/Culture and compliance monitoring programme.


This may involve GFSC visit preparation, assessment of new regulatory developments, implementation of new policies, procedures and controls and ensuring they are effective and presenting to Boards on compliance related subjects.



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